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Donate To Needy People; Be A Human Being...'Adikkalathil Padmanabhan Nambiar Smaraka Trust- Melur' To trace out the economically down-troden, hepless and those who are hard hit by diseases and assist them to free from their grievances!
Welcome to PM Smaraka Trust
The Adikkalathil Padmanabhan Nambiar Smaraka Trust- Melur has been established by the family memebers in Adikkalathil House, in memory of their father Adikkalthil Padmanabhan Nambiar. He left us three decades back. He was one of the earliest freedom fighters in India. In 1972 he got an award "Thamra Pathram" from indiragandhi, to honour of his active participation in the freedom movement. He was deeply engaged with social activities and charity works, help us poor that was his policy and this policy is following his son Dineshan Melur by doing charity works.

The intended activities of the trust are to provide whatever possible physical and financial assistance to poor and needy people in Dharmadam villages for medical, educational and other social needs.

PM Smaraka Trust- to provide whatever possible financial assistance to poor and needy people in our villages [Dharmadam] for medical, educational and other social needs.
  • "To bring ambulance facility to Dharmadam Village. This facility will be used for transporting corps and to bring aid to the diseased person at the time of need. The trust will also have mortuary facility for keeping dead body safe without decay for hours."

  • "Up to R.s 21000 will be given for the marriage of poor and needy women in Dharmadam Village. Up to R.s 31000 will be given for the marriage of orphaned girls in Dharmadam village."

  • "Unclaimed bodies will be taken to Payyambalam beach and cremated by the Trust without any consideration to cast, creed or religion."

    "Trust will provide care and provide service to the needy senior citizens in Dharmadom village above 70 years of age. "

  • "Trust has decided to provide school uniforms and necessary educational supplies to the poor children. "

  • The best students of the village will be awarded with Pathmanaban Nambyar memorial trophy and cash award on the end of each year.

A Charitable Trust not for profit, but with the objective of providing support to needy persons of the society. PM Smaraka Trust's vision is to make our society free from poverty and hunger.
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